Monday, August 16, 2010

School is back in session, Brad's birthday

Wow!! Did this summer fly by!! The kids started back to school last Monday. The first week went well but I spent more time in the car than anywhere else. Brad had swim lessons Monday-Thursday from 5-5:45pm and Cameron needed to be picked up from band practice every night at 7pm. I know most parents cannot wait for school to start but I am just the opposite, I love the summer. It saves me on gas. At least for a few weeks Brad will only have swimming Friday and Saturday as the Y is trying different schedules to what people like best. But, Cameron still has band every night until 7.

So, Brad's 7th birthday was yesterday. We had a little party with my in-laws on Saturday night. Brad originally wanted "all you can eat hamburgers and hot dogs" (his words) but changed his mind to pizza and breadsticks. Much cleaner and cheaper so I thank him for that. He also wanted me to make an ice cream cake. Well, didn't go well. First off, he had swim lessons in the morning and then we had to make a trip to Target, then pick Cameron up from his cleaning job and the in-laws house. So, this did not leave much time for the cake. It was baked in time but I did not leave enough time for the ice cream to harden after I put it in the cake so when Mark went to cut into it, the ice cream was still too soupy and squeezed out of the cake. Not a big mess but this meant no cake. Ugh!! I had to run out to the grocery store and get another cake and more ice cream. Well, Mark ended up saving the cake so we had it on Sunday. Two cakes, what a spoiled boy!! Doesn't sound like a mean mommy to me!!

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