Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Experiment and a few other things

I performed a little bit of an experiment this morning while not really meaning to. I was not feeling well so I got out of bed to wake up my oldest (Cameron) and asked him to please get his brother ready and then wake me up so I could drive him to school. Brad's (my youngest) clothes were already set out so all Cameron had to do was make sure Brad got dressed, eat breakfast and brush his teeth. I heard no noise so I got out of bed again thinking that they were both still in bed. To my disbelief, Brad was actually getting dressed. I was able to get about an extra half hour of sleep before I had to drive Brad to school which helped my headache. Now I realize that maybe it's just me. There were no arguments, no tattling, no noise from either boy this morning. My husband can also perform the same miracle when he gets up with Brad in the morning. What am I doing wrong? I wake Brad up in the morning with kisses and tickles, just basically very sweet. But, he does not respond to that so then I start to lose my cool. Daddy and Cameron wake him up and get no resistance. Hopefully I'll get to the bottom of it before I go insane.
In other news, as I mentioned previously, most of my pet peeves have to do with driving. Well, last night I was my own pet peeve come to life. I can't stand it when people drive with their blinker on but I did it last night. I was actually kind of lulled by the noise and didn't even realize the blinker was still on. When I embarrassing. Another pet peeve of mine is just stupid drivers in general. I was also one of those yesterday. I went to pick Cameron up from school and the roads over there have been undergoing construction for months now. It seems every time I go down there they have changed the direction of traffic. I was sitting at the light, waiting for traffic to pass so I could turn right. I pulled out and actually drove past the lane I was supposed to turn into and what?? there's a car in my line coming the other direction. Thank God they were stopped at the light and I was able to back up and get in the correct lane. What a dork!! Guess I'm not perfect after all. Who would have known??

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why is it that I can always think of witty things to say but when I go to put fingers to keyboard my mind becomes a blank slate? Maybe I just don't think that anything I have to say is very important. But, I do have a lot to say.
First and foremost, why am I a mean mommy? Well, I don't think I am but my 6 y/o does. My husband thinks I am sometimes, too. My 16 y/o doesn't call me mommy anymore so I am no longer the mean mommy to him just the uncool female parental unit. So, back to the main point.....I am the mean mommy because I want my kids to do their homework and keep their bedroom clean, eat healthy and get exercise, not watch hours upon hours of mind numbing television, video or computer games. I am also a mean mommy because, and this is a good one, I actually want my kids to do something the first time they are told/asked. I know, I know wishful thinking. How about the second time? I'll take that.
My 6 y/o tells me that I am always mad at him. Well, I am not always mad but I also don't have much patience. Take now for instance......he is currently sharpening his pencil when I have been telling him for 20 minutes to do his homework. He has mechanical pencils!! He knows what there is to do for homework but just likes wasting time and procrastinating. He also has to leave for tennis in about 15 minutes. How long has it been now? Still sharpening. He has moved from the kitchen with a manual sharpener to his bedroom with an electric sharpener. What is a mean mommy to do?? But, hey, I am keeping my cool.
So, now that I have proven to be a mean mommy, here's what else I am. I am opinionated (but usually just flood my husband with my opinions). Let me just clarify that just because someone is opinionated that is not necessarily a bad thing. When people hear opinionated I think they tend to think judgmental and I am not really that. Well, maybe a little. I am afraid of voicing my opinions for fear of hurting people's feelings. I have a ton of pet peeves most of which have to do with driving, spelling and the lack of punctuation people use while type typing. Mostly driving, though.
Hopefully I will keep up with this, at least just to vent and get stuff off my mind rather than sitting around and perseverating about it. I really do have a lot to say, a lot of complaints and just general stuff about being a mean mommy.