Friday, August 20, 2010

Yoga, Zumba and more

So, I went to Yoga the other night. Great class!! Very relaxing. It's on Tues, Friday and Sunday but I mistakenly thought it was on Thursday so Mark arranged to have his mother pick Brad up from school as she is going for shoulder surgery today. Instead of changing plans I decided to go to Zumba. What a mistake!! I walked out after about 20 minutes and used the weight machines, etc. I just was not able to get in step with the rest of the class. I am going to blame the instructor, though. :) She taught the class like everyone was a Zumba expert. Well, at least I can say I tried, right? My next step is to try Spinning. I am hoping I will like it. I am definitely sticking with Yoga, though.

I finally got all my paperwork, etc finalized to sign up for classes for this fall. All students are required to get an MMR or MMR titer prior to admission. I know I have had the MMR done previously so I chose to go for the titer. The girl who drew my blood left a nice bubble in my arm and a lovely bruise. I will definitely not allow her to stick me ever again. I just cannot wait to start classes and finally get this degree.

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