Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Saga of the Toe and some more stuff

I'll start with the "and some more stuff." My oldest got his report card yesterday and I am so proud. He got A/B honor roll. I honestly don't think he has been on the honor this late in the year since elementary school (and that is not without threats and punishments and incentives). Here's the pessimist in me......I hope he can keep these grades or bring them up for his final report card of the year. He does this a lot where he will bring his grades way up and then will slack off and his right back where he started. In other news, my youngest received an award yesterday at school, the award for Kindness. He is a very sweet boy!!

And, now on to the Saga of the Toe, the Big Toe. My hubby finally went to the podiatrist and got his toe taken care of. He has had ingrown toenails off and on for years. We have been together for 12 years and I can only remember a few years when there was not an issue with his toe. My mother-in-law, his primary doctor, his boss and I have been telling him for so long to get this taken care of. He finally linked his constant state of general malaise to an off and on infection in his toe and told his boss. So, at his boss's request, he made an appt with the podiatrist. He went in for the procedure on Monday and handled it very well (except for the initial needle sticks for the numbing agent). Me, not so much. I stupidly watched the procedure and almost threw up and came so close to passing out I had to pull a chair up next to him and sit down. I still get queasy when I think about what the doctor did. He wishes that I had recorded it!! Yeah, right!! If he had seen it he would have puked AND passed out. Anyway, he is still having some pain but I can see a dramatic change in the swelling already. He plans on starting an exercise regimen once he is fully healed because the toe has really prohibited him from doing any physical activity because of the pain. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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