Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Experiment and a few other things

I performed a little bit of an experiment this morning while not really meaning to. I was not feeling well so I got out of bed to wake up my oldest (Cameron) and asked him to please get his brother ready and then wake me up so I could drive him to school. Brad's (my youngest) clothes were already set out so all Cameron had to do was make sure Brad got dressed, eat breakfast and brush his teeth. I heard no noise so I got out of bed again thinking that they were both still in bed. To my disbelief, Brad was actually getting dressed. I was able to get about an extra half hour of sleep before I had to drive Brad to school which helped my headache. Now I realize that maybe it's just me. There were no arguments, no tattling, no noise from either boy this morning. My husband can also perform the same miracle when he gets up with Brad in the morning. What am I doing wrong? I wake Brad up in the morning with kisses and tickles, just basically very sweet. But, he does not respond to that so then I start to lose my cool. Daddy and Cameron wake him up and get no resistance. Hopefully I'll get to the bottom of it before I go insane.
In other news, as I mentioned previously, most of my pet peeves have to do with driving. Well, last night I was my own pet peeve come to life. I can't stand it when people drive with their blinker on but I did it last night. I was actually kind of lulled by the noise and didn't even realize the blinker was still on. When I embarrassing. Another pet peeve of mine is just stupid drivers in general. I was also one of those yesterday. I went to pick Cameron up from school and the roads over there have been undergoing construction for months now. It seems every time I go down there they have changed the direction of traffic. I was sitting at the light, waiting for traffic to pass so I could turn right. I pulled out and actually drove past the lane I was supposed to turn into and what?? there's a car in my line coming the other direction. Thank God they were stopped at the light and I was able to back up and get in the correct lane. What a dork!! Guess I'm not perfect after all. Who would have known??

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  1. Stephanie I used to go through the same thing with Zachary but he asked me to trust him that he could wake up with an alarm, and to my surprise he has been waking up on his own, before I would do just like you, I still wake up because I'm scare he may not wake up but its less stressful.

    The fact is we Mommy's have to much on our plate and forget that our children's and significant others could help us too..